Want a Reversible with house colours/logo on the inside but prefer a Broad-Brim hat?

MACKAHAT has the perfect solution...

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Since inventing the MackaHat reversible bucket hat with house colours and the option of the house logo and/or name on the inside back in 2002, schools have gone ballistic over this style and other suppliers are jumping on the band wagon. However, even though our bucket hats exceed the Sunsmart recommended brim-width, there are still many schools that prefer broad-brim hats. So… as always, we have listened.

We are proud to introduce our Reversible Broad-Brim hat which combines all the attractions of the reversible bucket hat i.e. the option of having the school logo on the outside and the house colour and/or name on the inside, as well as an extra wide brim lined with EVA rubber so that it can be rolled up to fit in a school bag but will spring back into shape, as well as being majorly washable! And as with all our styles, the price is very, very do-able.

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